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Open Carriers 

Open car transport is one of the most common ways to ship almost anything you can imagine. From a regular pickup truck you may own to an actual 18 hauler that ships heavy duty items such as cars, open carriers can be found almost anywhere. In the car transport service, open carriers are the most common carriers available to customers who want to ship any type of vehicle to almost anywhere in the country.

Prices to ship via open carrier depend on the distance, the type of car, season and the flexibility you have. Long distances pay lower cents per milleage for drivers, however it is compensated by the distance. Gas prices also affect prices greatly as drivers have to cover for their trips to make the job worth it. The size and model of the car also affects price, the bigger the cars the higher the price as most time long cars will take space for 2 regular cars, therefore prices have to make up for the lost space. Some cars can be deceiving as they may be regular size, however weigh a lot more, therefore prices can be higher.

Enclosed Carriers

Enclosed car transport is one of the most secure transport services the industry provides, although transporting via open carrier is also a safe option, enclosed carriers offer the maximum protection for vehicles as they traveled within metal or canvas covered containers. This helps protect cars from the environment, weather and road conditions.

Prices to ship via enclosed carriers are also detemrined the same way as open carriers, however enclosed carriers are much more epenssive due t the extra security and high maintenance costs. In order to have an idea of what it can cost, the price approximately is from $200- $400 more than the price set for an open carrier, also depending on the type of car.

Motorcycle Transport

Many people believe shipping a motorcycle is as simple as mounting it on the back of a pickup truck and going for a trip. This may be the case for many people; unfortunately not everyone can stop their schedules for a few days to make a road trip in order to transport their motorcycle. This option may be cost effective for a few miles which can be done in a 1 – 3 hours, however long distance trips can turn out to be a nightmare as well as expensive. This is when transport services come in handy, schedules can continue and you may have the peace of mind that your bike will be delivered at the other end with no issues.

Prices to ship a motorcycle are considerable different than transporting a car, and are also influenced by distance, make and model, season and flexibility.